Along the River by Mandy Budan, 500 piece Art & Fable Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle

Product code: 02.20B
Along the River by Mandy Budan, 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. From the popular Art & Fable Puzzle Company.

Along the River by Mandy Budan 500 Piece Art & Fable Jigsaw featuring a stunning design to challenge and delight puzzle lovers.

  • Puzzle Size Approx. 48cm x 34cm
  • From the popular Art & Fable Puzzle Company
  • Premium Quality Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Velvet Touch Surface, Puzzles never felt so good!
  • Perfect Fit. Tap the pieces into place for that satisfying perfect-fit feeling. Move finished sections around without breaking them apart!
  • Traditional Piece Shapes. Interlocking European-style piece shapes make even the most challenging puzzles fun. You can sort by shape, not just by colour!
  • No Puzzle Glare. Art & Fables unique printing process produces richly coloured puzzle pieces with a soft, velvety feel and no distracting glare.
  • Designed in the USA
  • Made in Europe

Each Box Contains:-

  • Collectible, frameable print to enjoy while puzzling and long after.
  • Resealable bag to preserve your puzzle and prevent lost pieces.
  • A handy box-top stand designed to steady a tippy box top.

Along the River is a painting that can be enjoyed for both its abstract and realistic qualities.

In the painting of these abstract landscapes, Mandy Budan rearranges the elements of nature.  She uses strong colour, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to reveal the beauty of nature in unexpected ways.  Her inspiration stems from the green spaces in her home province of Ontario, where she looks for an elusive combination of light, colour and shape to stimulate her creative energy.

Donation from the sale of this puzzle will go to Ontario Shores.

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences is a public teaching hospital providing a range of specialised assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness.


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Product Code 02.20B